pet surrender


The Washington County SPCA's doors are open to all animals in need in Washington County.  If you need to surrender your pet, you may contact us for an appointment to bring him or her to the WCSPCA.  

Please contact us to schedule the surrender at 918-336-1577 or email us.

The adoption shelter is open for surrenders Tuesday through Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How to Surrender an Animal to The Washington County SPCA

1. Leave your pet in the car when you arrive to fill out the surrender paperwork.

2. Provide your name and contact information to a caring Customer Service staff member.

3. Provide your pet's previous Veterinary and vaccination records, if possible.

4. Fill out a personality profile for the animal you are surrendering.

5. Pay a surrender donation.

6. Drive around to the back of the main building and surrender your pet to a waiting staff member.

Please note:  It is illegal to abandon domestic animals along streets or highways or in any public place including the Washington County SPCA property.  

Surrender your animal properly.  Do not abandon it.

Oklahoma law includes the "Animal Facilities Protection Act" which states:

1691. Abandoning of domestic animals along streets or highways or in any public place prohibited 
Any person who deposits any live dog, cat, or other domestic animal along any private or public roadway, or in any other private or public place with the intention of abandoning the domestic animal upon conviction, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.